38 special fbi load data. Concealed carry permit instructors tell me that the. 38 Special (more so than the 158 +P LSWCHP) and this could be a difficult issue for some shooters to overcome. Velocity was recorded at 10 feet using an Oehler 35P chronograph with proof channel. Mostly from my S+W Highway Patrolman. 22 Magnum, with an advertised velocity of 1,050 fps and 98 ft-lbs of energy from the muzzle. 38 Special LSWCHP +P: Still a Top Load?. 38 відноситься до приблизного діаметра латунної гільзи. It is most commonly used in revolvers, although some semi-automatic pistols and carbines also use this round. She has a Taurus M 85 UL, but it's a replacement gun, and the gold plating is still. The FBI Load combined a more powerful powder charge with a 158-grain unjacketed soft lead semi-wadcutter hollow-point bullet designed to readily expand at typical. Chiefs Special 740 fps 35 fps 192 ft. The FBI load is basically any 38 Spec. The bullet diameter for both is. Remington makes a "FBI Load" 158 grain lead hollow point +P. It consists of a Federal SWC-HP Nyclad bullet loaded +P, and is quite a . Driven by a surge in homicides and an increase in cases of aggravated assault, the U. I did a bunch of 357/38 factory ammo testing in my Ruger Blackhawk and Marlin 1894C lever action carbine in the same caliber. He said hollowbase wadcutters loaded with fast-burning . About Hodgdon Special 38 Load Data. The new +P load uses Hornady's existing 125 grain XTP bullet driven to 1,050 fps at the muzzle. 357 IS the definitive plinking gun!. Some readers have heard of the. 38 Special Lead Ammo that are built for quality and consistency. load in other manual it is +P load. Both a 38 Super and 9mm round are identical to each. These are the current best of the best, with one old-school comparison. 38 Special Loads for Carry. The revolvers the FBI used were S&Ws in. The old "FBI" load, that served well for decades, was the 38 Special, 158gr LSWCHP at ~900 FPS. Best 12 Gauge Home Defense Loads. Paul tests the effectiveness of semi wadcutter hollow points. Five years later, in 1935, the. Answer (1 of 9): "What 9mm ammo should I use in M&P Shield?" For "target" or "self-defense"? And do you live in NJ? Target - try to get a reasonably inexpensive cartridge that is similar in muzzle energy to whatever you pick as a self-defense round. The Polycase is a low-weight, high-velocity bullet, the Lehigh is a heavier, slower load. 38 Special S&W Snubnose Showdown: Whos the Top Dog. FMJFP, standard velocity 125-gr. Table of Contents [ show] Top 14 Printable Shooting Targets. 38 Specials for Snubbie Carry: We Test Eleven Head to Head. 38 Smith & Wesson Special cartridge went on. If you want to use your trust 1911 as a woods gun, maybe the 255-grain hard cast load is for you. More than 73 percent (2,297) of U. Original production of the Model 36 or Chiefs Special began in 1950 and ceased in the early 1990s. This loading, unlike the old standby 158-grain +P semi-wadcutter hollowpoint, was designed to work best in short-barrel firearms like a 2-in snubbie. 38 special +P 158 gr LSWCHP for use in my S & W Model 10 (and possibly my new Ruger SP101. I am using Unique powder for those wondering. If you want a tad less recoil, Buffalo Bore loads the same bullet in a standard pressure version rated at 850 feet per second from a 2-inch barrel. 247, Figure 10-2 Cylinder Bullet Penetration Depth. I began handloading when the standard. 38 Special, reach for a box of Winchester USA range ammo. of higher as Taurus doesn't recommend shooting 110 gr. What is a Wadcutter and Why Should You. 4 grs Unique and use a soft SWAGED SWCHP like the Speer or Hornady. Whatever it was called, the round consisted of a lead SWC with a deep hollow cavity loaded to +P pressure. 38 Special Hollow Point as well as. Featuring nickel plated cases, the all-copper TAC-XP bullets produce smooth and reliable feeding with virtually no muzzle flash. I did find one listing for the. 38 Special # of people shot - 199 # of hits - 373 % of hits that were fatal - 29% Average number of rounds until incapacitation - 1. Haje uses the same computer network (the Internet) as terrorists. The original 38 M41 ball cartridge used a 130-grain full-metal-jacketed bullet, and was loaded to an average pressure of only 13,000 pounds per square inch (90 MPa), giving a muzzle velocity of approximately 725 ft/s (221 m/s) from a 4-inch (100 mm) barrel. It doesn't have to be perfect - but you will. 357 Magnum with the first sixgun being what is now known as the S&W Model 27. All of the load data I see give . 38 Special cartridge was lengthened and became the now legendary. [23] The FBI Load combined a more powerful powder charge with an 158-grain unjacketed soft lead[24] semi-wadcutter hollow-point bullet designed to readily expand at typical. Just like with the 9mm Luger and. An Average 180 Grain LSWC. Special 38 Hodgdon Data Load. , particularly when used in a full-sized handgun like the GP, is an easy. 38 Specials for Snubbie Carry: We Test Eleven. Це відбувається через те, що оригінальний набій. Serialized data in format 3 cannot be read by versions of R prior to version 3. Keeping your data from the FBI. 38 Special load in them (a 158-grain lead hollowpoint +P) but could carry the Bureau's magnum load, the Winchester 145-grain Silvertip, if required. Study] Home Defense Overpenetration. From Winchesters own data this load expanded to. Therefore, the FBI's UCR Program encourages all NIBRS state UCR Programs and agencies to update their software to incorporate this new data element for identifying incidents of cargo theft. 357 Magnum has a case length of 1. 45x39 7mm Remington Magnum 7mm-08 Remington 7. Any round that expands from a 38 snub is going to have a hard time penetrating much. My experience is that they both work well for snakes, but the. If you consult the Hornady website and its published data for FBI testing, you will find that the FlexLock penetrates about 25 percent more than the Critical Defense load during the FBI protocol testing. But according to the FBI (First Bunch of Idiots) it isn't possible. Winchester 38 special 125 Plus P JHP. Load 125 38 Lead Grain Special Data. the five not armed with semi-auto pistols had 357 mag and/or 38 special revolvers. I load both 148 HBWC and coated 148 DEWC. 38 Special ammunition produced an average velocity of 836 fps. The first 38 Special Service ammunition I saw (and carried) was what was generically called the “FBI Load”. The ammo it liked the least was the Blazer 115-grain FMJ, with a group of 5. Surprisingly, deaths of LEOs, are caused by the. As a result, we feel the best cartridge for. It has lightning-like velocity, even from short-barreled. 45-70 are great for heavy bullets and subsonic loads, and are probably the most effective for hunting at short ranges. The FBI can't make up it's mind and bounce s back and forth. The short barrel does not provide enough velocity to ensure reliable expansion with these loads and the unpleasant and hard-to-control recoil hurts snub-nose accuracy (as well. FBI testing criteria calls for a. 38 Special Standard pressure SD loads. In response, Remington developed a hot. 50 round box - 38 Special +P 158 Grain Lead Hollow Point Remington HTP Ammo - RTP38S12 | SGAmmo. For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Cookie Policy page. 38 Special 158 grain Hornady XTP~100% Hand Loaded. 38 Special load for my snub, I'd take a hard look at the Remington 158-gr. That is what I did when I started hand loading. Cor-Bon, Federal 125s, or even the FBI. The Problem With Short Barrel. 38 ACP of 1900, and Colt's offered this in the 1903 model pistol. Best Printable Shooting Targets 2022. JHP "Super Snub" (20-count box) "Super Snub" is specifically tailored for snubnose revolvers, launching a 90 gr. For lead bullets used for target loads, I generally load about two grains below max load on what the manual says with whatever powder I have on hand. Most loads either lacked the velocity . 5 grains of unique with anybody's brass and std pri. Anyone else using Bullseye for. Remington 38 special 158gr FBI load. I used a 10% FBI gel block from Clear Ballistics for this section of my testing. Can start out with the same load data for both bullets. 357's recoil may inhibit accurate rapid fire more than a 9mm or. Rounds were fired over my Oehler 35P chronograph had a ten-round average of 956fps. I've found some murmurs online about hot but still standard loads under a 158gr hat that's close to what I want, but I'd prefer the 130gr bullet. 357 Magnum revolvers loaded with. 38 Special appeared during this same time frame. Developed out of necessity as law enforcement officers in the 1960's were reporting lackluster terminal performance of standard loads, the 38 Special +P was designed to increase the stopping power of the 38 Special round. An Alternate Look at Handgun Stopping Power. Special Load 38 Hodgdon Data. 38 Special is a good place to start reloading. 38 ACP fired a 130-grain bullet at 1,100 fps. 38 Special +P loads, I like to load the 358439 over 8. If it still works acceptably in a longer barrel, that is a good 'bonus'. 38 Special +P 158 Grain Lead Semi-wadcutter Hollow Point or LHP as shown on the Remington box, has been around for a long time. The FBI is very conservative, and has one of the best ballistics labs in the world. The V-Crown load offers an excellent 125-grain hollowpoint. US Cartridge 9mm 115 Grain Hornady XTP (200 Round) 217 Reviews. 270 Win at 3200 fps ballistically on impact and follow through. By using a hard-cast bullet of 158-grains, this load will likely penetrate deeper than any other. They are easily available from Rim Rock. 38 Special (Vihtavuori Reloading Guide Edition 6) reloading data with 92 loads. Only one bullet expanded roughly to caliber. 32 caliber semi-auto rounds approach. This has been making its way around the Internet and we thought it was worth sharing. 38 Special data and I’ll not attempt to “hotrod” the loads. Ballistics testing: 38 special & 9mm bullets (pics included!). Headquartered in Washington, DC, the FBI has over 55. Magnum loads would wear a gun out faster, but the Treasury Load came close, and created stretching and endshake problems much faster than any other. 38 Special are built on heavy frames similar to those of the more powerful calibres. 38 Special Loads with Unique. 38 Special loading, plus the flat nose bullets are certainly more efficient than the original round nosed. I tested this load in a 3 inch S&W Model 64, and was not convinced it is a good load in that barrel length or longer barrels. A cast LSWC-HP would probably work fine with that load. In my testing that produced a velocity of 581 feet-per-second, which is reasonable for a 158 grain bullet and compared well against a Magtech factory load (158 grain LRN). 38 Special (Vihtavuori Reloading Guide Edition 6). Buffalo Bore's Heavy 38 Special +P: Effective Old School Defender. 38 Special loads provide greater variety than for any other. The 38 Special +P 100 Grain Lehigh Xtreme Defense bullet is another good one IMO. Using the new piezoelectric transducer method, the. 38 Super saw extensive use in the hands of the FBI and figured into the demise of dangerous fugitives such as Baby Face Nelson. 38 Special +P loads averaged 960 fps, and the. Its notched copper jacket controls penetration and a unique center-post hollow-point design provides controlled expansion and efficient energy transfer for incredible performance. Of the three loads that reached the minimum depth, only the 32 Auto out-penetrated 22 Punch. , when fired from a short-barreled revolver, struggles to meet the minimum FBI penetration specs. About seventeen years as a LEO Firearms Trainer before I retired and I always found a bullet going a tad bit over 1000 FPS usually had reliable expansion. 38 Special round called the Treasury Load. This 223 ammo is new production ammunition, brass cased, Boxer Primed. 86 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $557. #1 Action Target High Visibility. 38 Special +P cartridge using a 158 grain lead SWC-HP bullet at a MV of 890 fps. It was also adopted by the Chicago PD, and remains the. Shooter's Reference Load Data for.