lucifer anunnaki. The book describes the Anunnaki as an alien race that has successfully controlled the consciousness of the human race and continues to do so. The planet Nibiru, unlike Planet Earth, has only one great government, which is from the family of Anu, the current supreme ruler of the planet. 40,000 light years away, and are a much more ancient race than human, have more. Federation Rep Galzu & Enki (Lucifer) Saved Our Species from Deluge. The Adams and the Eves all naturally have Rh-positive blood, connecting them to the Earth. … they became servants of Satan and led astray those who dwell upon the dry ground. ORIGINS OF DNA:Fusion in the Heart. In the Hebrew Bible: Genesis 6:1-4 (just before the Flood story): “4 The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown. Sometimes the same Anunnaki had varying names as he or she ages, as when Ea of the planet Nibiru became Enki in Iraq; sometimes he gets a different name in a different place, as when Enki becomes Ptah in Egypt or the Peacemaker in North America, Shiva in India, Prometheus in Greece, Aquarius in Rome and, later, Lucifer in Northern Europe. Anunnaki Pedophilia Syndrome. The "Lucifer" passage in Isaiah taken in context of Chapter 14 is a taunt directed at the son of Shachar. Some of the information presented is an educated guess based on attributes, though I also used several sources who state attributes as well as ancient texts and literature. He was created by An, the One creator God, and was the first-born "Son of god". Feeling unloved, many joined the Rebellion, where they provided the weapons used by the Fallen. Experts claim there are 3 hostile Alien species visiting. Note in the following profile of Vega the exalted titles of this star, which correspond to the titles of Lucifer and his emissaries:. 100% of the Anunnaki series sold: > Official release of the one and only Anunnaki-Lucifer NFT ! > 1-limited unique model (1 x 1 NFT) > Auction sale only. Since the Deluge, Anunnaki have ruled through Noah's descendants. He is restrained against his will in the pit of the Abyss until he is released one more time for 3. Lightbearer in its literal sense means s/he who bears the light. This is no surprise being that most all Christians are simply not educated on the bible, its history or the true meanings behind many of the biblical passages and. EXITING THE MATRIX NEW EARTH NEWS AWARENESS Twin Flames . The History that hasn't been heard. John Bolton's Messianic War on Aryans. (Anthropology, UCLA) & Janet Kira Lessin CEO, Aquarian Radio After Lilith (Ninmah) mediated the 8670 BCE war between Commander Yahweh's lineage—the Enlilites (whom Ninurta, Adad, Utu and Inanna led—and Lucifer's lineage (whom Satan, Hades (Nergal), Gibil, Horus and Lucifer led), Yahweh distributed Middle East fiefs to his. However, YHVH/YHWH is a composite of different Anunnaki, and Ea (Ankur/the Enki) is Lucifer, who gave Adam and Eve wisdom in the Garden of Eden (Edin). Sitchin: Enki (Lucifer) Fomented Anunnaki Miners' Mutiny. A copy of protective Spirit from the Temple of Ninurta. The Symbol of Jesus Was The Symbol of Anu - First. Necronomicon: The Anunnaki Bible by Joshua Free. Heylel Lucifer Yah Marcus®™ has 15 jobs listed. As we see on the Anunnaki Genealogy Table, Marduk is the first born son of Enki and Damkina, his wife. Ancient Jiroft & Anunnaki 5000 Yers Old City Persia Forst Queen Of Human Civilization IRAN 10,000 BC. Putin's Anunnaki's Warning to Trump. Joined United Intruder Resistance (UIR) 2000 with. View Heylel Lucifer Yah Marcus®™ Edmond Lord EaEnki King of Judah®™'s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Luciferian Anunnaki Temple EarringsBeautiful charms depicting an eagle-headed Annunaki guardian. the urantia book gives ancient history of our planet and teaches that 200,000 years ago, when the lucifer rebellion occurred, michael of nebadon (now known to many as "christ michael"), the creator son of our universe, cut off the circuits of interplanetary communication and travel to urantia/earth, so that communication with and visitation from …. Yahweh revealed he had a vision from Galzu, that Marduk would get his turn to rule Earth. Enki disobeyed his father and was punished for having saved mankind (yes), from destruction by a great flood. (watches, handbag, pinecone, etc)- 2 Sigils of Lucifer at t. The Lucifer Deception – Anunnaki Progenitors – Nephilim Bloodline w/ Esoteric Eddie By SupportFKN 6 days ago. One of the bloodlines goes back to Babylon and are descendent from Nimrod. • Lucifer scope on Mount Graham, AZ can view in the IR range, amateur astronomers have posted massive evidence that something is being seen in the skies. FKN Classics: Beyond the Paranormal - Wishing Machines - Haunted Objects w/ Joshua P. It seems that for most everyone else this is a non-question, as they are in two different, non-overlapping camps, e. To a unity shall the two essences, one of Heaven, one of Earth, together be brought. The Lost Book Of Enki Memoirs Of An Extraterrestrial God (Part 1) The Anunnaki Rule and dominion over mankind according to the Lost Book of Enki By Afrika Is Woke Magazine. She's been on "Time Zone International", "Leeza Gibbons Show", "Extra", "Inside Edition", … Read More Anunnaki, Zodiac THE GODS OF THE GREAT AGES ~ Betty Rhodes & Comments by Janet Kira Lessin by Kira updated on May 14, 2021 Leave a Comment. The reptilian agenda against the Anunnaki : Nietzchean. 1) Caucasoid, or the WHITE races, descend from the Anunnaki, including the Elohiym godhead. The Anunnaki were gods worshipped by the people of ancient Mesopotamia. The Anunnaki are a race of beings that traveled across into the depths of space. Reptilian Attachments - Supra-consciousness - Astrological Outlook w/ Dr Louis Turi. Today's show is titled 'Marduk-Lucifer Unveiled". The Anunnaki And The Tree Of Creation. Anunnaki helped Adam and other humans to build houses from stones and gave him many useful tools. Scopri nuovi contenuti e ascolta i tuoi podcast preferiti, oppure iscriviti per crearne uno tuo!. They created and enslaved humanity to do the hard work for them. He twisted the interpretation to lead millions to believe that Lucifer (Enki) is the good god. Secret Masonic Symbols and Freemasonry Connection to Lucifer Symbolism. Then, Nammu gave birth to Anu, the sky, and Ki, the earth. Eddie's YouTube https://youtube. Herein, Marduk takes liberty with the account as the progeny of the high ranking members of the Anunnaki Council, establishing his birthright spawned in the heavens. Zecharia Sitchin published a dozen books known as Chronicles of the Earth from the 1970s which further. The offspring of Anu and Ki are called. Lynn suggested the Anunnaki did not create humankind in a lab but more likely utilized genetic manipulation and selective breeding. Lucifer and Satan are not different names for the same supernatural being; they're not even related, and the Hollywoodesque plot about a . Luciferian Anunnaki Temple Earrings $37. The Anunnaki is an exclusive collection of individually hand-made pop art portraits of the ancient Gods who ruled ancient Mesopotamia. Enki (Lucifer) Defied Anunnaki Commander Enlil (Yahweh. In this myth, we see a similarity between God being personified as the character of Enlil and Lucifer as Enki. The Anunnaki were responsible for teaching us the concepts of math, science, astronomy, writing, arts and crafts, religion, and other things (Sitchin, 1976-2010, Complete Works). Los sumerios son la cuna de la humanidad, fue la primera civilización de la que tengamos conocimiento, y fue como un resurgimiento de la nada. com: Janet Kira Lessin: Books, Biography, Blog. Lucifer – Enki / Jesus – Enkidu. There is often much discussion about the symbols that are utilized in Freemasonry. Annunaki are believed to be the creators. The book, “There Were Giants Upon The Earth” does not suggest that Jesus was an Annunaki, however, after reading this and other material to include the original translations of the Sumerian tablets, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Enoch & the other “missing” books of the bible, I started to see overt connections between Jesus, Enoch, Enki, Noah & the Annunaki that one may not see reading one or. Annunaki are natural inventors and teachers in many disciplines. She's been featured in Time and Der Spiegal and dozens of articles in newspapers, magazines, and online. 75 Quantity Add to cart Details Shipping & Policies Luciferian Anunnaki Temple Earrings Beautiful charms depicting an eagle-headed Annunaki guardian. the anunnaki gods god in Jewish Gematria equals: 666: t 100 h 8 e 5 0 a 1 n 40 u 200 n 40 n 40 a 1 k 10 i 9 0 g 7 o 50 d 4 s 90 0 g 7 o 50 d 4 the anunnaki gods god in English Gematria equals: 1134 : t 120 h 48 e 30 0 a 6 n 84 u 126 n 84 n 84 a 6 k 66 i 54 0 g 42 o 90 d 24 s 114 0 g 42 o 90 d 24. Lucifer Lucifer and the Anunnaki Diversion through Barbara Hand Clo w (The Pleidian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow p. What Happen to LUCIFER or KING ANU on Nibiru?. About 3,000 years have elapsed, leaving about 600 more years before they enter the earth's solar system and come into range for the interplanetary trip to Earth. Nibiru King ANU Pardoned SATAN (Ra/Marduk) for killing. The God of the bible, Yahweh, is NOT an Anunnaki. Paper #16: Revelations on the Story About the WingMakers, The Labyrinth Group, and S. What's the Muslim Satan like?. Buy Book Anunnaki Legacy of the Gods (Anunnaki Gods No More) Note: the Adam's were of lighter skin tones than were the hybrids known as the Woman — `Eve'. The term Anunnaki derives from an, “heaven,” and nuna-ke-ne, “princely offspring. The Annunaki & The Sumerians. YAHWEH-ENLIL (or Yahweh-Marduk*—they controlled rival prophets) HAD JEZEBEL KILLED FOR TOLERANCE & ALLYING WITH PHONECIA. All the familiar players from Sumerian mythology—Enlil, Enki, Anu, Marduk and the rest—were actually alien administrators. Fueron forzados por el dios Yahweh / Jeovah a salir de la Tierra alrededor del 2000 a. They were responsible for building the Pyramids and Megalithic Structures all over the world including the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, The Sun and Moon Pyramids in Mexico, Ellora Caves in India and Many more. KnowTooMuch • The Anunnaki: The Seven Great Gods. Esucha The Lucifer Deception - Anunnaki Progenitors - Nephilim Bloodline W/ Esoteric Eddie y 984 más episodios de Forbidden Knowledge News, gratis! No es necesario registrarse ni instalar. Humanity will come to face to face with its "dark fate" in the 21st century as ordained by "destiny" carved in stone. Saturday, January 23, 2021 By Stillness in the Storm 3 Comments. ' In the wombs of the birth-giving heroines, the fertilized ovals were inserted. I have long puzzled over something - and that is the pre-identity of Jesus. This book attempts to determine the origins of the God of the Bible, based on the most ancient documents available to date. Who is Lucifer and what does his name mean?. Nowhere else does the Bible call Satan Lucifer. Additionally, the ascension glossary was created for those seeking further clarification on terms in Alex Marcoux's books including Destination New Earth: A. What is the difference between Azazel the leader. Ascolta The Lucifer Deception - Anunnaki Progenitors - Nephilim Bloodline W/ Esoteric Eddie e 984 altri episodi di Forbidden Knowledge News gratuitamente! Non sono richiesti download o registrazioni. Forbidden Knowledge News Conquest Of The Shadow - Imperative Breathwork- Psychedelic Healing w/ Lachlan Dunn. These mighty Gods left Earth in the distant past, saying that one day, they shall return to Earth. The Anunnaki grab you! I, Lucifer, I can assure you that the way to prevent you getting caught is to be anchored in 3D. Originally, there was only Nammu, the primeval sea. The Official Web Site of Zecharia Sitchin. The Rising of the Phoenix and the New. Enlil, Yahweh, Allah, Satan and the Anunnaki by Jan Erik Sigdell, Slovenia, July 30, 2016 Who are the Anunnaki and what do we know about them? They are also called Anunna. Anunnaki are Human and Nibiru a 10th Planet. 2) African or Negroid, the BLACK races, descend from the evolved Homosapiens and the hybrid created Adams; they are the EVES. One of the greatest gifts that they were given was the Tower of Babel. Following the Lucifer rebellion the « war in Heaven », a division arose among the Anunnaki between the « admirable » and the others considered as « detrimental » who later became the progenitors of the Nephilim. C) The original created Eves — the first hybrid woman, was the mother of all black-skinned peoples of Africa. The Necronomicon of Mesopotamia Sumerians. Yahweh (Enlil) and Lucifer (Enki) surveyed the the devastation Yahweh's bombers had wrought. They taught us violence, greed, slavery, debt. Are God and Satan the same Anunnaki god?. In the Book of Jubilees we find references to them as the Watchers, a later Biblical term for the Anunnaki. Anu Baal-Hadad Ereshkigal Humbaba Ishtar Mammitu Nergal Tammuz Tiamat This character is an adaptation of Anunnaki, a character in traditional stories. Without great force and intention, how will anything occur in your dimension? Think of the energy required for manifestation! So, until you push yourselves, I . Satan Lucifer's Illuminati top hierarchy "Pleiadian's White Lodge Brotherhood" (aka "Draco's Black Lodge Brotherhood") ascended master fallen angel devils are running the world as business leaders of the Global Ethic Foundation and the one-world religion's leaders of their "Parliament of World's Religions. The Annunaki, also known by their modern sobriquet Malefactors, are the former shapers and users of Earth condemned to the Abyss by God in Demon: The Fallen. Hall describes that dying god and the pyramid in his book The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Less well known is the fact that the serpent is . From MARDUK: ANUNNAKI KING OF EARTH* by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph. The Dark Side Of Christmas: Nimrod's Tree And The Worship. Biblical Proof of Anunnaki Enki is ; Jesus Christ, God of Moses, Poseidon, Nahushtan, Ptah, Lucifer, Loki, Agni, Ogon and. Mandela Effect Explained - 16 images - mandela effect new earth map changes confirmed part 1, the mandela effect and time travel explained by rob, the mandela effect iceberg explained youtube, mandela effect,. The departure of the Anunnaki occurred around 1,000 BCE. I believe that scripture of the Old Testament is connected to the so named Sumerian gods. The LUCIFER telescope conspiracy theory, like many conspiracy theories, involves the usual antagonists: Catholics, The Vatican and the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits).