whump prompt list. // I’ve compiled a list of all the things I’ve written so far! This is originally being written on the 4th of June, 2020 // List will be updated as more is written; These are all my original works, please do not repost without giving me credit!! Series - ️. the thread itself is pretty much abandoned, i think, but it's great fun to browse, and is a great resource, overall. " "Yup! I got a different brand!" - the villain beamed. NOTE: Adult Topics present, including NON-explicit PG-13 implied sexual content. whump prompt list whump prompt list gore torture impalement skinned alive cannibalism forced cannibalism immortal whumpee dismemberment amputation noncon body modification crushing broken bones fingore claustrophobia tw drowning strangulation stress positions electrocution language disfigurement graphic. Another wonderful month of whump is upon us :D Prompts once again are from the lovely @whumptober2020 and are focused around Irondad! ~ Not a ship!! A father-son relationship only! ~ Each chapter will have its own warnings! However, things are a little different this year. @whumpty-dumpty I think a monthly prompt challenge made specifically for visual creators would be amazing! And yes of course writers can do them too just like gifmakers/visual editors can do the writing prompts but having a prompt challenge made for us. Vomiting is a common reaction to just about everything, regardless of whether or not it would fix it. They just stand and stare, shaking, until Character B knocks at the door because they've been there a long time. DAY 8: “hey, hey, this is no time to sleep”. The flight line bunker was full of maintenance personnel. A deeply cursed place where heinous acts were committed, so vile as to wake the goddesses and call them here to make it cease. When he's clocked off and long gone home, and it's usually always David. When Whumpee has a 102 degree (F) fever, and cannot be covered in lots of blankets, but feels so cold and is crying and begging for one more to stay warm. you have forehead and feverishly fluttering eyelid kisses, checking a fever by stroking their forehead with the back of a hand. 29 Day Whump Challenge I’ve put together a list of. See more ideas about prompts, writing promps, writing prompts. Rape and Sexual Assault:1-800-656-4673. I write Fantasy Genre whump, and sometimes a little Modern AU, all with Original Characters. The first line of dialogue: "That's the guy, right there" A conversation between a white-collar and blue-collar worker. Tag List MAIN TAGS: Little things - Little things mean a lot. 1The whumpie groans as he tries to sit up in the deep muddy pit that he was tossed in. He won't leave his chair outside the door. A fandom week focusing on whumping witcher characters, open to all kinds of fan created content. It’s agony no matter the reason. Laying on train tracks waiting for a train. @agonyapril2022, @badthingshappenbingo (And from this prompts by @painsandconfusion ). Well until a hand was brought to Villain’s shoulder, which caught the criminal off guard. Followed up in the episode, Jimmy’s Mountain when he comes back to work prematurely. !: that classic collapse into someone’s waiting arms. Clicker: One heathen to rule them all — Whump Masterlist. BLM Quin black 20 cottage core enthusiast a simp for men and women 3x my age Main: @badass-dora-milaje Posts; Lemme know what's on your mind!. A desperate cleric slamming every healing spell so hard to bring someone back to life the ground is forced to grow plants and flowers around the body. Maedhros gritted his teeth as a booted foot pressed his face against the ground. Like a character purposely hurting themselves, or psychologically abusing. I'm A Kamen Writer — Please read if you write whump!. dragging a fully restrained and gagged prisoner by the hair into a room full of the enemy’s henchmen, dropping them on the floor with a “do. #whump prompts #sick fic prompt #caretaker #whumpee #whump community #whump blog More you might like. Whoomp Prompt - 7“What do you want from me!” They shouted angrily. Four more rockets impacted on the runways. 1,400 Rating: K Characters: Ichabod Crane, Abbie Mills Genre: Ichabod Whump Spoilers: Episode 1x3 For The Triumph. ) This list focuses on whump delivered through the Once Upon a Time series. I’m a big fan of the captivity tropes - e. It's supposed to be a fun way to share your work. AcquisitionYear 18 CW/TW: lady whump, bound and gagged, whumpee in a box, kidnapping. Contains imprisonment, restraints, some physical violence, and nonconsensual drugging. Curio Cabinet Curiosities. I’m counting this as a prompt because even though it is not traditional, it is a list to generate ideas and that is, after all, what prompts are. She was known to be a shameless Daniel-whumper in her fanfics, inflicting every possible form of torture on the character, from hangnails to decapitation. , only to feel a sinking guilt when it makes Whumpee flinch and turn, their sleep now agitated and less restful. " "Put on me mask, secure me tail, start the day!" Allied 1Teemo Teemo: "Another day in the field!" Chump Whump: "I'll pick 'em, you plant 'em, kid. Everyone is free to participate as much or as little as they want–there’s no completionist requirement!. Welcome to the Sicktember 2021 prompt list! Sicktember is a month-long, . One of my favorite whump tropes is techie/smart member of the team and the resident badass/tough dude (I use dude as a gender neutral term) like I love all the scenarios whump community whump prompt whump writing whump drabble whump ideas. Here there be whump — April is the Cruellest Month. This is actually not a scene of a comforting part, believe it or not. ” · “do you want to talk about it? ” · “hey, it's ok i've got you. CW: Vampires, blood, panic attack, slavery, emeto (nausea), scars, temporary mutism, whumpee turned caretaker, multiple whumpees Tag list: @thecitythatdoesntsleep @whump-cravings @thecyrulik. juno — 50 angsty dialogue prompts. Jimmy and a few other firefighters get shot by a mentally ill former firefighter. Though the weather has improved from yesterday, it’s cloudy – even the light of the moon is blocked out. Return To Main Master List]. I Guess This Is My Life Now — 25 Whumpee Dialogue Prompts. Potty Mouth Monty (Whumpmas in July Day 6, Prompt: Water) — This wasn’t what Monty meant when he said he was thirsty. My favourite whump: alipeeps — LiveJournal. That's when I found out it was called whump and I fell in love. Everything is tagged by whump trope, TV show, anime, drama and movie, check it out the tag list :3 Feel free to interact, I would love it!. “Let grandma take her pick of the turkey first. AJ Writes Stuff And Things — OC Master list. Warnings: Whump (mainly more hurt than comfort in this part), torture, drowning, main character set on fire, blood, crying, partial memory loss. because my list of whump writing is getting longer and longer and i had to make a new one. this was written for aosexchange on tumblr! the prompt simply asked for whump featuring grant ward and i pretty much just ran with that. Target Audience 16+ Based on a prompt online-Imagine, if …. TW: implied death, illness, injuries, minor whump Hear this: …. ( Also check out my shock therapy whump prompt lol. Agony April day 12 - Abduction. Tag list: @firewheeesky @myfriendcallsmeasickwoman19 @myst-in-the-mirror @whumpawink @painsandconfusion whump drabble gunplay whump writing scared whumpee intimate whumper creepy whumper fear of death off-screen murder chin tilt angst my writing. Carlos has been undercover for three months when TK gets the call. Whumper's Warren of Whumpees — Hello whump queen. “What if I never fall in love again?” 5. His captivity lasts for years, until a pair of angels and a young human named Ilya rescue Dee and keep him safe. Posts; Ask away! Submit your ideas! Archive #20. We love seeing people’s interpretations, additions, and drabbles inspired by the prompt. It’s Okay, That’s Love Jang Jae Yeol 01: - Stabbed in the back with a fork, collapses, cradled, passes out - Hit over the head with a glass bowl, collapses, bleeding, has the wound cleaned with disinfectant, crying out in pain, later collapses from exhaustion 02: - Head bandaged from last episode. Some better than others, but many with potential for some lovely lovely whump. not whump my character list still has Cameron's name as Mitchell Campbell and Colin's name as Bayker Campbell I erased their siblings status soon in the story but forgot to give. Asks are always open for questions, comments, head canons, or requests! I’ll write drabbles, tropes, prompts, etc etc. Day 1 - Dehydration Day 2 - Tied Up Day. Dee and Ilya form a bond that cannot be broken - not by distance, time, or death. Just wanted to thank you all for the positive response I got for the whumptober posts. (Feel free to use with any type of character you want, though!). Sleepy Hollow 3x03 - Blood and Fear Ichabod Crane whump ichabod whump kicked punched dragged by hair stabbed infected pain shock 74 notes May 18th, 2017 Open in app. primarily, i'm a writer, though i do dabble in art! so expect a mix of both of those, if you decide to follow along. If something is not on the list that does NOT mean it isn’t blocked. I'd love to request 93 from the 100 whump list for Tarlos if possible ️. “You certainly did a number on this one!” the friend laughed. Bad Things Happen Bingo - Grabbed by the Chin. Thank you to Summer of Whump on tumblr for the prompts list! And onto the first one! No 1 – Overheating. " ANGSTPRIL is a month-long, oc whump event for lady whumpers, whumpees, and non-male characters. they've been around to help the other through every rough patch in their life. From this prompt list here by @whump-softie. whump dialog prompt list 1. Forewarning, this is a whump challenge so expect violence and pain. — i’m in the mood for platonic/best friend whump. They are hit repeatedly by the villain, and civilian onlookers are too scared to approach and free the hero, so they watch. Just a Little Ram in the Meadows — Prompts Masterlist. there is this terrible thing that must be done, the magnitude of which no one fully understands. In 2018, Tumblr user @the-whumpy-fangirl suggested celebrating an International Whump Day, proposing September 12th as the first of Daniel's many deaths. If something is not on the list that does NOT mean it isn't blocked. Sassy Kidnapped Whumpee Prompts. There's seemingly no way out from the inside, the room is suffocating, the air is stuffy, the fluorescent lights irritating on the eyes. Things to take away from your whumpee:. SHERLOCK WHUMP REC-LIST ilovesherlockfanfic: “ TRIGGER WARNING as most of these stories have explicit content including descriptions of violence, non-con and child abuse. Whumptober 2021 Masterlist / Of Vampires and Men Masterlist. That’s the reason they were alive. Fluff prompt lists: Comforting/soothing dialogue prompts. Please note this is a list of events we compiled from memory and there’s no guarantee they will be running again this year (though we certainly hope that they will!) October Events. Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list. Ultimate OTP prompt generator. A Story Prompt Idea that I’m living for ever since I thought it up (like two seconds ago) Female Protag: Girls don’t want boys. A prompt list geared towards immortal characters, characters with a healing factor or long lifespan, or any character that is otherwise difficult or impossible to kill. Their eyebrows twitch, and their lips part under the oxygen mask. thank you especially to that one person who decorated clown biscuits - you understood the spirit. Mar 6, 2020 - Explore Cassiopeia Almstedt's board "Whump Prompts" on Pinterest. Whumper's Warren of Whumpees. 2015 Breaking Creed (PTSD/caught in and explosion) 2015 Silent Creed (caught in mudslide/concussion/thinking of his SAR dogs before himself ) 2016 Reckless Creed. We’re very happy to see that our prompts motivated so many of you - 174 people, if our maths are correct! - to finish the whole list. Notes: Inspired by spicywhumper's prompt list: Work Text: 1. Main is @eggslovemetoo, and this is my whump blog. Well, right off the batt there’s tb5-heavenward ‘s fanfiction which I am 1000% in love with. #whump #whump community #whump prompts #whump prompt #hurt/comfort #writing #loki #thor #tom hiddleston #chris hemsworth #angst #bucky barnes #tony stark #steve rogers #stony #stucky #thorki #ao3 #captain america #avengers #the. (If you aren’t sure exactly what’s intended with a prompt, or what the trope really means, you can also send an ask!). pan2fel Whump Prompt Challenge Fanficpedia FAQs Tags Rec List. I chatter in the tags (a lot) and the tv show/movie info is buried under all that nonsense. Now introducing the official prompt list for Whumpmas in July 2021! The prompts are divided into three categories: questions, prompts, and community activities. into The Suicide Squad 2 (2021) movie, as Rick Flag: argued, betrayed and into a gunfight, injured and ran away, under gunpoint and captured, bruises and patches all over his body, arrested and handcuffed, fought, into a car accident and bruises on his eyebrown and forearm, into a gunfight, upset and angry, under gunpoint. 🍓 Join us in our fun summer prompt list! 🍓 Starting July 1st! 🍓 All Artists and Authors no matter what fandom are welcome to join! 🍓 We can't wait for all your fun entries! 🍓 hosts: @arctickid @ayaka-arts @constancezin @historicalley-art @keerthi-draws @kkpwnall @moondraconis @velvetrebellion. take a sip — I don't draw, but I've been thinking of doing. carrying them half-asleep to bed. Whumper: Slow Whumpee: Sacrifical Caretaker: Awkward Prompts: roomy, baseball hat Optional: vicinity randomize. Tag list: @painful-pooch @for-the-love-of-nsfwhump @abitefullofwhump @whumpinggrounds. The Whump Community Directory. They are glaring at every of their teammates, daring anyone to protest. Whump observer, enthusiast, and reblogger! 1. Musings of sadistic delight, prompts, illustrations, and other unrelated topics. what is whump? (baby, don't hurt me) [ [ Bel // he/they // 30-ish // USA ]] I'm queer, transmasculine, white, and sort of Jewish. Whump Dump — Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu. [ The Primary Reason Tony Stark Would Throw Down With an Anti-Vaxxer in the Street ] | “Tony’s smile turns at the corners into a grimace when he sees the position Peter’s in – slumped forward, his neck at a weird angle. Why Not Whump — Whoomp Prompt - 7. whump prompt implied captivity conditioning caretaker forced to kneel creepy whumper obedient whumpee emotional whump my prompts my dialogue prompts my writing. The pet whump agenda — Main priority masterlist. 25 on the fluff prompt list please! bucky would be the world's best tickle monster 殺. Rating & Wordcount: Teen and Up Audiences - 1K words. @rosesareviolentlyread @eatyourdamnpears @badluck990 @whumpinggrounds @carnagecardinal @whump-cravings @maracujatangerine “Claire,” the woman said, tall and dark above him. “everything was a lie, right…?”. I’d love to request 93 from the 100 whump list for Tarlos if possible ️. Please, I'm literally begging you for more intimate whumper ballroom scenes. Because I finally figured out how to do it. For @febuwhump Day 9: Kidnapped. #coal's dialogue Tumblr posts. The whump surrounds this magical time. Some of you may know my fic “Pay Day” which I wrote for the @noct-whump-week last summer! I decided to revise it and add a little epilogue.